Hi I'm Isa,
a graphic designer and illustrator
from Berlin.

This is me

From my childhood days, two things have stuck with me: A love for illustration and cycling. Already in my first years of school it became clear that I am an artistic child. I drew and wrote on everything. I loved arts and crafts and was always supported to build things, paint things and just create. So from early on, I knew I would choose a creative career path. My father is a Dr. of chemistry, a very smart man, who loves natural sciences. He once said to me he had failed me, because I never got his passion for natural sciences. I disagree: He managed to teach me one equation: The famous “N+1”. From him I got my passion for cycling and that opened the whole world to me.

How I work

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate and keen designer, you are in luck. I provide functional and beautiful designs with an eye for detail. Custom made for each client. It doesn’t matter if you need a logo for your small café, or if you are from an agency and your graphic team just needs a little temporary support: Lets do it!